Abar Rubber prides itself on its flexibility – in both its product and in the service we provide.

We endeavour to meet all your requirements – making, packing and delivering the compound exactly how you want it, when you want it.

We can supply mixed compound either in strip format (with anti-tack or plastic as the non-stick interface), or pelletized for easier dispersion.

We can supply it “finished” (i.e ready to vulcanize) or in masterbatch form.

We also granulate base polymers (e.g. SEBS, neoprene) in one of our three different granulators, to increase particle surface area and to accelerate the dissolving process for adhesives.

The rheology of each batch of compound is tested for quality control purposes – essential to ensure a consistent, quality supply of material.

We can toll mix to your formulation, even analyse compounds to match. But with over 38 years of experience, we have a large number of recipes in our database, which are likely to meet your needs.

We can mix a wide variety of different polymers – nitrile (NBR), NBR/PVC, natural, EPDM, silicone and neoprene – in a wide range of hardnesses, in any colour, for a multitude of applications. Refer to our Technical Info for more information.

Our new mixing machinery ensures that the compounds are mixed efficiently and consistently, whether mixed on the hottest summer day or coldest winter night.