Production Capabilities

Abar Rubber’s production equipment has been procured over 30 years to specifically serve the needs of footwear companies. It includes:

  • Two 70L internal mixers – capable of mixing 6 tonne of rubber/day
  • Two 60″ mills – including a new state-of-the-art, semi-automated mill (see right), water-chilled to ensure product quality and consistency.
  • Injection moulding machines – including a new vacuum-assisted press with 3L shot capacity.
  • Compression moulding machines (see right) – including multi-daylight and rotary presses for high efficiency moulding.
  • Granulators and pelletizers – designed to breakdown rubber/plastic materials to facilitate downstream handling and processibility
  • A degreaser and a halogenation machine – to clean our shoe soles and activate them so they bond 100% to PU.