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Custom Moulding

Making rubber mouldings for industrial applications is our core business.

From concept, to CAD drawing, to prototype, to production run, we can help you through each step of the product development process.

In terms of our production capabilities, we can make:

  • Large rubber parts - up to 1m x 1m x 0.5m thick
  • Flexible quantities of parts - From one to one million
  • Bonded parts - rubber-to-metal, rubber-to-plastic
  • Fabric reinforced diaphragms
  • Gaskets and seals

Our toolmaking costs are very competitive, with quick turnaround times guaranteed.

We have 16 fully operational hydraulic presses, of various sizes and formats, to mould the rubber parts.

They can either compression-, transfer- or injection-mould rubber parts, depending on the shape of the part and the quantities required. Three of these machines are vacuum enabled, to help ensure parts made are "defect-free".

We make all our rubber components in our Australian owned, ISO 9001:2000 certified factory in Melbourne. As a result, customer site visits are welcomed, especially for quality inspection purposes

As a result urgent jobs can be pushed through quickly, simplifying logisitics, reducing stock levels and allowing everyone to run a lean operation.

Dedicated personnel to service your requirements