Research & Development

Abar Rubber realises that footwear companies rarely have the time or resources available to develop soling materials to meet their requirements.

We also realise that there are many rubber companies that do not have the knowledge or ability to develop materials which pass specification, process consistently and can be supplied on time, everytime and are developed with cost as an overriding concern.

Our R&D department prides itself on its accumulated knowledge in the very specialised field of shoe-soling materials. Our database of tailored compounds includes:

  • Antistatic, conductive or high-electrical resistant materials
  • Slip resistant materials
  • High tear strength, high abrasion resistant materials
  • High flex-crack resistant materials
  • UV and ozone resistant materials
  • Self-extinguishing, flame resistant materials
  • Low volume swell and compression set materials
  • Soft, low-density, impact-absorbant midsole materials
  • Direct PU bonding rubber outsoles
  • Non-marking, colored and even translucent compounds

Our laboratory has all the calibrated equipment essential for us to serve the footwear industry. This includes:

  • MDR rheometers
  • Moonee viscometer
  • Tensile tester
  • Ross flex-crack tester
  • DIN & NBS abraders
  • Durometer
  • Electrical resistance tester
  • Slip-resistance test equipment
  • Volume swell test equipment
  • Seive analyser